Tiny Tumblers


In this small FAQ we will try to answer some questions you are having - or might be having - about Tiny Tumblers. We will update this list if we can, so if you have any issues be sure to check out the list before sending us email!

But of course, if you are really stuck with an issue, and the FAQ does not answer it, then you can send us an email

Q: What are the default keyboard controls?
Player one:
jump: W
fire: Left control (Windows)
fire: Left shift (Mac OS X)
left: A
right: D
down: S
back: Q
Player two:
jump: I
fire: H
left: J
right: L
down: K
back: Y
Player three:
jump: Up arrow
fire: Return
left: Left arrow
right: Right arrow
down: Down arrow
back: Backspace
Q: Can I use my PlayStation 3 Controller on Windows?
A: Yes, you can! Take a look at the playstation_3_controller_howto.txt file in the utils folder for further instructions.
Q: Can I use my Xbox 360 Controller on Windows out of the box?
A: No, you have to install a driver before it works, go here to download the driver for the Xbox 360 Controller.
Q: Can I play with my controller on Mac OSX?
A: No, unfortunately not, so far controllers are not supported on Mac OSX. We're sorry.
Q: On Windows, can I switch to OpenGL instead of DirectX
A: You most certainly can! The default rendering on Windows is done through DirectX, but you can switch to OpenGL. Especially older computers might gain performance by doing this. You can do so by altering the settings file. It's located in the My Documents\TinyTumblers\ folder.
Q: Can't I play Tiny Tumblers online with my friends?
A: No sorry, so far online multiplayer has not been added to the game