Tiny Tumblers

What is Tiny Tumblers?

Tiny Tumblers is a fast paced action game for you to play with your friends on your computer. Choose the theme that suits you, pick out a level pattern and get your shooting finger ready for some jumpin' and lead' pumpin'. Be sure to look for the pickups that will pop up now and then give you some more juice. A mine, a rocket, ... And what about that strange red button on the top of the level?

We have three great modes for you to play in. Have a race against the clock to get the most kills in the Deatmatch; try to survive the longest in the Survivor or be crowned the one and only King of Tumblers by keeping the crown in your possession the longest (but there's a catch, you can't shoot with the crown ;) ).

We have five Tumblers ready to serve you, so just hook up some gamepads and get the party started.


Who made Tiny Tumblers?

A couple of students - six to be exact - started work on Tiny Tumblers in November 2008 as a school assignment for the DAE curriculum at the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen in Belgium. We decided to create a game that was fun to play, and that could be made within the small time span available, which was four months. We wanted to make an easy game with no complex roleplaying or a vast set of rules. Just plain fun.

Anyway, here is the list of persons who worked on the game with their main roles. However, being a small team, everyone helped out where he could, so roles got mixed up a bit over time...

Niels Biliet (portfolio)

  • Level editor
  • 3D character animation
  • Texturing & lighting
  • Level graphics design

Jeroen Bourgois (portfolio)

  • 2D graphics design
  • Menu screens and HUD implementation
  • Level graphics design

Niels Coppens (portfolio)

  • Programming
  • Pickup implementation
  • Character implementation

Pieter Hoste (portfolio)

  • Main programmer
  • Game logic
  • Menu screens and HUD implementation
  • Technical project management
  • Cross-platform checks
  • Builds and distribution

Mitch Van Looy (portfolio)

  • Programming
  • Physics implementation using OgreNewt
  • Overall gameplay

Xavier Vanysacker (portfolio)

  • 3D modeling
  • Rigging
  • Prop creation